Turn your selfie into animated stickers using AI

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This app seems to solve the problem of same-for-all stickers / emojis :) It instantly makes stickers from a selfie!
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@alexander_chekan absolutely, very cool app
Very impressed with this app. I've been using it since December, and so far it is getting better and better. Thanks and good luck!
Alexander, thank you for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, Ommy creates a unique emoji using artificial intelligence from users simply taking a selfie. We already have many emoji styles available but we are working on new ones. Our app uses neural networks, so each new user will help to make the product better. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking it out!
@dmitry_koltsov What's new in this particular update?
@alexander_chekan Actually, it is the first official release. We've improved recognition quality, added new 'Love' collection and worked on the other collections so they look much better now.
@dmitry_koltsov out of curiosity, can you share any details on what tasks neural networks are being used for in Ommy?
@blairhudson We are detecting 119 facial landmarks and 7 features (glasses type, hair style, hair color, beard style, eye color, skin color, gender) using customized deep neural networks.
Tried the app and attempted to take a photo around 10 times. It doesn't seem to work at all, an error message consistently pops up.
Great idea! Looking forward to having my stickers more customized:)
@ekaterinaklink What exactly you'd like to see in terms of customization?
@dmitry_koltsov well currently the sticker doesn't look like me except for the blond hair and white skin. The face features seems to be too standardized.