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#3 Product of the DayAugust 02, 2014
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I like the design and granularity of filtering (including what's streaming on Netflix or Amazon). It's unclear where the ratings are coming from. I assume IMDB. If you want something even more simple, check out Netflix Roulette.
Sherlock Holmes appears in all runtimes....
@acondurache I don't see the same behaviour. What filters did you select? Overall I like the filtering and representation. However, I ran into some problems earlier because I did not clear the filtering manually. I found that a counterintuitive while browsing. Maybe it this helps =)
@chriskedzierski Seems to be working, I think when I selected multiple run times it didn't refresh the page
Are you using Amazon's API to fetch movies?
@peabay Not sure if the question was directed to me. I have no affiliation at all with this product. Just came across it and wanted to share =) I assume the Amazon API is used but can't confirm.
This came across my radar a while back on Reddit and I've found myself relying on it every so often. Very impressive for a single person effort. Founder person: If you're on this thread, kudos! Here's the link sauce for those interested:
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