New tool to help keep babies safe

New patented product that allows mothers/fathers to monitor their baby in a bassinet, without needing to get up or sit up to see inside the bassinet. It's remote controlled, so you can adjust from anywhere in the room. Also features a small LED light to help see your baby in a dark room. It is simple, effective, & just as mobile as a bassinet.

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Will use this in the car as well instead of the goofy ones they sell today




Different colors

Thank you @mdorsett for hunting us!! I am the inventor and co-founder of the Omie View Bassinet Mirror. It is patented, and the first & only product of its kind—a remote-controlled mirror made to help mothers keep a clear view of their baby while they safely rest in a bassinet. It allows them to remotely adjust the mirror's angle to provide a better range of view of their baby, while not having to sit up or stand up every time they feel the urge to check on their baby. This is especially helpful for new mothers recovering from childbirth/c-section. The idea came to me when I had my second daughter and searched all over the internet and baby stores for a product like this. My daughter was a very quiet sleeper and I was constantly finding myself sitting up and getting up from bed to check if she was OK in the bassinet. But every time I would do this I would end up with so much more pain as I was still recovering from my c-section and lose even more sleep, waiting for the pain to subside. Shortly after, my husband created our first prototype and we have since then come a long way. We now have a fully-functional prototype, working toward promoting our product and getting it into stores. Earlier this month we released the production of our molds and tooling, and will have our first shipment in the US in August/September 2018. Currently accepting pre-orders of our product when pledging $55+ through our Kickstarter campaign! Thank you, and we hope you like our product! ~Helping keep babies safe, one mirror at a time.
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