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JeremiahMakerPro@_jeremiahs · Founder @ 🎯
Hey everyone, The concept is simple, go to the website and 👇 👀 🌠 🚀 🙉 (long form: press the button to discover an awesome startup) 😊 I haven't checked how many are on PH, but since all good things converge here there might be a few. Cliiiick away!
chris bell
chris bell@thisischrisbell · Flight Canvas
Fun product! Did a little write up on it here: Most relevant excerpt: As I’m blazing through page after page, these sites have 5 seconds to catch my eye and make me pause, scroll, and really examine the product. So while OMG Startups is good for fast product discovery, it’s also a powerful tool for learning about homepage effectiveness.
JeremiahMakerPro@_jeremiahs · Founder @ 🎯
@thisischrisbell Thanks Chris! Totally agree with you, somehow looking at a lot of state-of-the-art landing pages is mesmerising
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Unfortunately for the PH community - a lot of us may have actually heard of them haha Alternative tagline 'StumbleUpon for startups'
JeremiahMakerPro@_jeremiahs · Founder @ 🎯
@bentossell ⚡️ Eureka! Someone should hunt the ones that haven't been yet
Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh@aboutsanjay · Cofounder/CTO, iRefer - Referral SaaS
Just found one awesome marketing app on OMG Startups..
Gallivant Film
Gallivant Film@gallivantfilm · CEO, Gallivant Film
Well executed fun idea. I hope it goes viral. Bigup