Insert icons directly into your HTML just by coding

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@chrismessina, thank you for the love and the hunt! "omg-img" basically does what Chris said in the comments; it allows to insert icons (almost 50K available for selection at the moment) into the HTML code and you don't need to insert a Javascript code to your website. This was made possible by a production-scale CDN service provided by KeyCDN. You can select icons from more than 10 different styles, you can specify the size of the icon (up to 512px), and also recolor it! Each style has the size it's designed for, also called pixel perfect size: iOS: 50x50 Windows 8: 26x26 Windows 10: 32x32 Android 4: 24x24 Android 5: 24x24 Color: 48x48 Office: 16x16, 30x30, 40x40, 80x80 We will keep developing the service. We plan to add a couple of useful features in the next release: - ability to specify the size as 2x, 3x, etc. instead of in pixels, in order to keep correct proportions from pixel perfect size for each platform - add icon effects like a background and a horizontal flip (direction). We are excited to hear your comments and feature requests for future releases!
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@visualpharm looks cool, Ivan πŸ‘ are these icons cached or do they get fetched on each page reload?
@visualpharm @chrismessina Cool job, that is definitely helpful thing for hundreds of users. Keep rocking, guys!
@chrismessina @visualpharm I am always very impressed with your work and love seeing your new stuff.
@iconifyit thanks!
Very cool! This is a HUGE help for indie hackers looking to get something out of the door quickly!
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This is very cool β€” love the API. Should make embedding vector icons in HTML super simple! No need to insert a Javascript code unlike, say, Font Awesome or other icon fonts.
@chrismessina as an FED I'm embarrassed to ask, but when do you need to insert js for Font Awesome. I've used it many times and don't remember ever including javascript.
@avizuber correct, Avi, FA doesn't need any JS. Though including the whole FA CSS bundle could be a bit heavy handed (if all you need is a handful of icons) compared to this product
@avizuber yeah, I maybe overgeneralized. Font Awesome works via remote font embedding... and to @janklimo's point, you're liable to load more stuff than you need, compared with the omg-img approach. Just depends on your needs which approach makes the most sense for you!
@chrismessina @janklimo yeah, I agree. And thanks for the clarification. omg-img looks awesome.
This is a life changer.... was hoping someone build something like this soon. Font awesome was getting stale. Thank you
< img src=cat/50 > < img src=heart >
@kunalslab to be precise, these should be < img src= > < img src= >
@visualpharm potato potΓ€to. 😁πŸ₯”