🤠 Howdy! For my first app, I've decided to venture into the saturated flashcard market! None of the existing apps—Anki et al—were sexy enough, native enough, simple enough, delightful enough, scintillating enough, etcetera enough. So I've built something new!
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Howdy Product Hunt, Oh my goodness! My little app has been featured 😵 I hope you accept the following wall-of-text (describing some features and design reasoning) as a token of my gratitude: # Memorize Different Most flashcard apps are built around prefab decks, downloaded from a (hopefully) curated library. While that's a fine vision, it leads to design decisions which consequently diminish the experience of adding one's own cards. With Omen, I wanted to explore this neglected space (while simultaneously making the study experience viscerally satisfying and super sexy). When I stumble upon a useful piece of information, I want to be able to painlessly flashcard-ify it without undertaking the rituals of categorization. Of course, decks are still useful, and Omen has them, but they aren’t a requirement. # Assistive Card Creation iOS Intergation — I've added share extension and 3D touch quick action support, such that one can add cards reflexively from any context. (Shortcut and Siri integration is coming) Vocabulary Definitions — If the front of your card is found in the dictionary, a cute little dictionary button will appear in the toolbar. Tapping this will reveal a list of definitions. Selecting a definition from the list will set the selected definition as the card’s back and add the card to a Vocabulary deck. Table Imports — When browsing a website with a table, tapping the Add to Omen action extension will parse the table. The user can select a column to use for the front of each card and another column for the back. The user can then select or create a new deck for these cards and mass-import them. I’m pretty happy with this feature, and I’m going to explore other means of intelligently parsing cards out of structures. I've many other ideas along these lines I'm excited to explore :) # Interleaved Practice I first read about interleaved practice in Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. What it means for flashcards is that studying cards from different decks in the same session makes for more effective memorization. I’ve found that this also leads to reduced friction during the studying phase. Similar to how ad hoc cards reduce the activation cost of card creation, there are now fewer decisions to be made when studying. The user simply taps “Study”, and cards from all decks (or those without decks) are interleaved and studied. # iCloud Sync Other Flashcard apps use proprietary syncing services. These require the creation of additional accounts and are usually slow/clunky (I find Anki’s to be particularly burdensome—in that its a blocking foreground process). For Omen, I’ve decided to fully embrace the Apple ecosystem. This means I’m using CloudKit for sync. CloudKit uses the user’s own iCloud storage and apple infrastructure, which means no reliance on third-parties or my own servers. All syncing happens seamlessly (and invisibly to the user) in the background. # Hidden Paragraph Psst... I’ve secreted this here special paragraph deep in my wall-of-text for you. Only those who’ve exhibited patience and determination, who’ve plumbed the superjacent throng o’ verbiage, whose saccades swiftly flit betwixt stacked sans-serif to root out every last dopamine-rich squirt of novelty, only _you_ have noticed this in-plain-sight-sitting section. It is you, and you alone, whom I must inform that I’ve got a few spare promo codes lying around, so message me if you want one or whatever. # Pulchritude I wanted to create an aesthetically satisfying study experience. I spent a lot of time on the animations/haptics. It comes exclusively in dark mode (apologies if you're afraid of the dark; themes are in the pipeline). <3 — You’ve made it! Thanks for reading/scrolling quickly past! I’m happy to receive questions & criticism of all shapes and sizes 🤡
@kitlangton haha that video :-) love it
@nicocaramella :P Thank ya! That was a whirlwind of silliness.
@kitlangton Thank you for working on this even if it’s a crowded space. I think Google was like the 26th search engine but they still did well. I found this product hunt article using Attensa.
Looks great, are you thinking about an android app and import from anki?
@huzaifah Thanks! Sadly, I'm not considering an Android app at the moment. I do not think I have the resources to do that well, preferring to instead focus on making the iOS version as great as possible. Hopefully, this will also differentiate Omen, as most of the existing apps are multi-platform, and their iOS UX and integration tends to suffer for it. Anki import (as well as imports from other services) is definitely high up on the to do list! ;)
I see there is an import/export mechanism, but it's a JSON file. Any chance you plan on adding Google Sheet or Excel or CSV importing?
@scottwyden CSV import/export is on the list! Next up, however, is image support. If you're interested, I just created a subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/OmenApp...) where I'll be over-sharing process related stuff (mockups, code, etc.). I'm also going to rearrange my priorities based on feedback, so consider this post a vote for CSV features :D
I like it! Wish you good like guys
@denkova_simona Thank you, Simona! (Although, I'm not plural yet, sadly. 😔)
@kitlangton so more respect to you for this good job:)