Direct marketing via Facebook Messenger

Olyo makes direct marketing via Facebook Messenger smarter, increasing the results of your campaigns to up to 12 times compared to email marketing.

Olyo allows you to:

- do advanced targeting on your chatbot users

- create custom triggers based on activities done on your website

- create a lineup between optins and the users from your crm

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Valentino Marangi
CEO & founder @ CheBuoni.it
Hi Guys, it’s a pleasure to introduce you to the platform we created to solve our own issues with doing direct marketing via Facebook Messenger. Olyo it’s a saas that can be used for free and helps you solve some of the lacks that the most famous tools to handle bots have. Olyo is developed to do direct marketing via Facebook Messenger, we happily leave customer care to others. Olyo allows you to: - Do advanced targeting on your chatbot users. You can select only the users that clicked on your campaign before, the ones that are most responsive in the morning, the ones that fall in a specific age target and much more, we invite you to be as specific as you want. - Create custom triggers based on activities done on your website. From upselling to confirmation messages to the update ones. It’s the best solution of e-commerce and whom uses transactional messages. - Create an agreement between optins from your messenger bot and the users from your crm. Olyo is the ONLY platform that let’s you connect your bot subscribers with the ones from your client database, this way you can send focused messages to your clients on Messenger based on their actions on the website. - Do A/B testing. You know the drill, do you? With Olyo you can send different messages to a consistent target test to verify which one works better and send it to the rest of your audience. Please leave us a feedback, that would be appreciated! Thanks.
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Rey ClemonsDigital Marketing Consultant
Great looking product. Just signed up for the private beta. Look forward to trying it out
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Giulia Pozzi
Digital Marketing Specialist
@reyfonder thank you, really appreciated!
Thien DuongFounder, Ecomfit
Great product, subscriber already and waiting for beta launching
Abby ÇuniWeb developer
I find Olyo very easy to use! Great product