Create and trade cryptocurrency indexes

Using Olympus App you can store, buy and securely trade cryptocurrency indexes just in two clicks.

Olympus is a protocol for the decentralized creation of cryptocurrency financial products with a one-stop-shop mobile application that offers investors the financial products built using the Olympus Protocol.

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The app is pretty lightweight, downloaded it and was brought immediately to consider importing my existing wallet. Couple of questions: 1. Will you provide support for generating new wallets? 2. What's likely to be present in the markets tab? Looking forward to the index products and so on. 3. Will love a walkthrough as well that can activate when I log in. Overall looks pretty good!
@spenceryang Hi Spencer! Thanks for your interest in Olympus! 1. Yes, future iterations of our app will support wallet generation. 2. Indexes, futures, other financial products. The design is likely to be changed and optimised in future as well. 3. That's a good idea actually! Thanks :)
@spenceryang Hey Spencer, the app you downloaded is our MVP version, the version you see in this video should be available tomorrow. Thanks for supporting us.

It’s great to see a blockchain project delivering a great product. The App is really nice.


Simple wallet creation. Good UI.



Hey Hunters, This is Kai, CEO and founder of Olympus Labs, a protocol for the decentralized creation of cryptocurrency financial products. Today we have an important release - the Olympus app! We will officially showcase it tomorrow at EDCON in Toronto, but we decided to release it a day before for the Product Hunt community. The Olympus app is a wallet and a marketplace that connects investors and index creators. Investors can buy cryptocurrency indices directly within the Olympus app. (An index is a basket of cryptocurrency tokens bundled together, tracking the markets.) Our first financial product is this index buying tool which gives investors the ability to buy all of the tokens in an index with a single tap. For index creators, our protocol and tools enable them to easily create their own ideal portfolio into a cryptocurrency index, and provide them with a marketplace and platform to sell and monetize their indices through fees from investors buying into their indices. Download our app and try it. We will be here all day to answer your questions!
@kaichen_ol are US customers supported?
Hi folks! I'm Ivan from Olympus Labs, we are here to answer your questions so don't hesitate and ask! :)
Good to see more crypto apps! thanks :)