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I think this is a really solid idea. The app works great, and the UI is really slick. Within a few seconds of downloading it, I was already watching some videos that made me LOL (the Star Wars Bad Lip Reading one is awesome!) I've got to say though, if this were on my Apple TV, I'd never get off the couch! Looking forward to watching this grow!! πŸ˜„ πŸ‘
@richarddas The Apple TV app will come soon!
Hello everybody! After a while coding fulltime I am happy to show you Ololololo. Ololololo shows you the daily most voted videos of the web. You select the channel (e.g. Comedy, Science, Tech) and Ololololo will show you the best videos of the day. Users can upvote the ones they like and Ololololo will improve the daily chart. That's it. So simple, so entertaining. I hope to get your feedback, ideas and questions! Cheers
I love the name! I bet you chose it as a response to the surrealistic movement that resulted from the way web videos treats everyone like they like oranges. Kidding aside, I liked the app! Good luck!
@nadeburg Yeah a protest that very few people could actually understand :D Thanks anyway!
I don't love watching videos on my phone. I'd much rather have this as part of my Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick.
@cathyreisenwitz in future releases I will support iPad and Apple TV. Android more long term
@ccarnino Does Ololololo find content from others sites or does it only display content posted directly to the site (Like Reddit) I love upvote systems for content so long as the community posting and voting on the content doesn't stink. Do you have any community managers propping up the app with solid content currently?
@garlandtravis the community is the one who submits videos (from YouTube right now). The moderation team, now Ololololo team, approves the videos (if they follow the guidelines). In the future the moderation team will expand with members of the community. The content quality is the number one priority.