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I do love seeing these quick on-demand products popping up and really excited to see what areas they disrupt the most. I imagine design is hard to do through this way though - how do you keep the process simple and streamlined while still producing the results?
@bentossell Thanks for the feature @bentossel and the hunt @_jacksmith. We work a bit like Gigster. Assign a project manager to each project who will chose a designer, quote the project and ensure it's completed on time and on budget. It's hard YES! But we have about 26 designers (we're adding more designers as we find them) in our network right now (14 are available) so we'll just stop taking projects every time we hit capacity (we haven't yet).
@felixoginni @bentossell @_jacksmith Gotcha! Ha I bet it is hard - did you build the process yourselves or is there a cool templated 'on-demand, text based business' that people could use? (something I'm interested in looking at for sure)
@bentossell @_jacksmith Haha maybe I should Pivot. This is the third request i'm getting for this. We built everything ourselves but I could look into open sourcing it or making a SAAS version of this in future. Like In Demand.
@felixoginni @_jacksmith I think its something that a lot of people would definitely be interested in :)
@felixoginni Dude, I'm looking to hire a designer soon and this is pretty awesome! Have a few thoughts: https://www.opentest.co/share/34...
@_shahedk First off, OpenTest is excellent. Thanks for the feedback. Our 2.0 platform is almost ready to go. It'll go live with Case Studies of recent projects. With regards to the pricing, we'll quote you within the hour.
@_shahedk I see what you did there ;)
@_jacksmith it's so much easier to articulate and share excitement :P #Bias
@felixoginni Cool! I think on-demand designers if done correctly, is a massive business. Design as a category is one of those tasks that is hard to articulate remotely, but if you have the right tools and educate both the client and freelancers on how to effectively get the project done, i think there'll be a lot less confusion and quicker turn-around time (less back and forth). Reach out anytime and I'd love to give my two cents shahed@opentest.co :)
@_shahedk the team here said they were motivated to create this after a comment you'd previously made saying you wished that something like this existed
Have just sent in a request for an estimate. One quick feedback I have is you should definitely send out an automated request received sort of email with the original brief. I am at a loss trying to understand if the request actually went through and what was the actual brief I had sent (yes i just typed whatever was in my head).
I am not sure why people think this is disruptive!? This is not much different than a web agency.