Connect with the right people

Olmo makes personalized introductions between people.
Say what’s top of mind to be connected to others who have the right experience and are interested in helping.
Olmo is all about building relationships and networking through authentic conversations.
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Oooo, that landing page is nice.
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@rrhoover thanks! The dev team did a great job with the interactions. Plus we had help from @jose_guizar (illustrations) and @claudioguglieri.
This looks super interesting... how are the curated community of professionals incentivized to participate? In a system like Quora, respondents build their reputation and possibly find consulting clients or enjoy sharing their knowledge publicly. In Olmo, conversations are private, so the knowledge that's shared has limited re-use value (unless you're using the answers to train an algorithm). Why do these professionals participate in Olmo? How will you sustain their participation over time?
@chrismessina These are all good questions! I can tell you that we are working on all the fronts that you highlighted :) From a knowledge content perspective, we think that the connection that you make is more valuable than the re-usability of the content itself, that by nature is hyper personal to each of the cases... What do you think?
@chrismessina A key assumption behind Olmo is that knowledge professionals have frequent need to connect with people they don't know for either domain expertise or advice from peers...So we assume everyone is both an expert as well as information seeker. People provide advice on Olmo to strangers because sometimes they need advice themselves from others. This is happening organically, and over time, we'll build reputation/feedback mechanisms to encourage more new connections.
Just downloaded it today and already matched with someone in the field I want to break into 🙌
Where do you want to see Olmo next?
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@kylestanding other countries! :) Unless this app’s sole purpose is to facilitate real life meetups, I don’t understand why you chose to region lock it...
@anna_0x it's mostly related to operations and market specific requirements actually. But other countries will come :) Also, I can give you the TestFlight link if you want early access...
@kylestanding Thank you ☺️ I wonder what kind of market specific requirements you mean though? Localization? It’s not necessary. You can keep being an English only community while at the same time accepting new members from all over the world! Then, once you are able to, you can of course localize it.
@anna_0x When it comes to Europe it's mostly GDPR and compliance requirements... We will get there we just need a little time