Olli by Tinrocket

iOS camera app that creates beautiful animation and drawings

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Hi, this is my new photo and video camera app.
@tinrocket Great app and as a user of other Tinrocket apps I had great expectations! Ijust downloaded it and it makes even the most boring of environments look more interesting! I love you can export as a gif - it's a good job there is an editor so you can clip it shorter if you want o upload to Twitter to reduce the file size - perhaps you can put a marker on the video editor for that feature though we can move into other apps to edit the video at a push and then use a gif maker. What is the max duration of a video that you can make? I've added you to a couple of my curations here.
@krishnade Thank you! 10 seconds - beyond that GIF export becomes unwieldy. (Also, sharing animated GIFs directly to Twitter is not supported by the Twitter API, but looking into it.)
@tinrocket Thanks for confirming on duration. I created a shorter video than that and converted it to a gif, saved it to my camera roll and then tried to upload to Twitter - I usually take that approach versus uploading from an app - but it was too large a filesize - hence the suggestion for a marker on the editor for length of video that works for a gif for Twitter - just an idea!
@krishnade Yes, Twitter has a ~15mb GIF limit. Would a setting to limit the GIF file size, at the cost of pixel resolution, be useful?
@tinrocket It's actually smaller for mobile uploads. Yes that would be helpful - ideally with an option to edit it for Twitter mobile uploads to make it no more than 5MB and still giving us the full gif up to 15MB too should we want to post it from the web or to another platform "Photos can be up to 5MB; animated GIFs can be up to 5MB on mobile, and up to 15MB on web" https://support.twitter.com/arti...# Hope that helps.
I want this for Android!
@namzo Samsies. Looks really neat.
Didn't have to read much more than "this is my new photo…", purchased straight away! Looks awesome John 😄
Waterlogue is still one of my favourite 'art' apps on iOS but, I have to say I almost never use it on my phone. It's so much better on the larger screen of my iPad. Please say that there's an iPad version of Olli in the works.
Love the thumbnail (Bboy doing airflares). App looks awesome