Olli by Tinrocket

iOS camera app that creates beautiful animation and drawings

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John Balestrieri
@tinrocket · Prinicipal, Tinrocket, LLC
Hi, this is my new photo and video camera app.
Ernest Ojeh
@namzo · UX Designer
I want this for Android!
Craig Paterson
Didn't have to read much more than "this is my new photo…", purchased straight away! Looks awesome John 😄
Fraser Smith
@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
Waterlogue is still one of my favourite 'art' apps on iOS but, I have to say I almost never use it on my phone. It's so much better on the larger screen of my iPad. Please say that there's an iPad version of Olli in the works.
Olusola Ak
@oludotcom · Full Stack developer
Love the thumbnail (Bboy doing airflares). App looks awesome