Conquer Stress. Be Stellar. (pre-launch)

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So funny @torbahax I searched for this and PH said it wasn't here. Then I submit it and I'm told you submitted one minute ago? How does that even happen? Similar timing issue happened on another product too! So what I love about this is that it's pretty similar to the Spire that I'm waiting for but in arm band form. I love all the data you get and the fact that you could be driving, and get a buzz from the device reminding you to breathe!! I so want this or should I say I want one for every member of my family so they/we can all chill a bit. Stress is a killer. Perhaps these tools can educate us and bring us out of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke risk. The charger is cute too.
@helencrozier not sure I submitted it the other day though so it must have been waiting to be posted :)
@helencrozier Awesome, we can't wait to get some Olives to your family too! Thanks for the feedback. We're also fans of @Spireio. We know that when our bodies are are stressed, in addition to breathing, our bodies show many signs of stress such as in heart rate and skin conductivity, and context matters a lot too. We hope to paint a more complete picture with this data and completely change the way people manage stress!
Hey Product Hunters! I'm Hardy, one of the co-founders at Olive Labs, super excited with our launch so far. Ask me anything!
@hardysimes I have a cacophany of devices either here or on the way to help me live a longer and healthier life. I own a misfit, spire is coming and also that sleep thing.... I can't remember it's name... the cool egg one ..... I sense this is overkill but what I'm hoping is that they could all talk to each other because they together form a wholistic path to wellness. I replaced my fitbit with a misfit because I wanted to have something that looked a bit nicer and I didn't have to charge. I'm still using the fitbit wireless scales though so here's the cool thing when I weigh myself my weight appears on my misfit even though it's a competing product because the three are connected via my fitness pal. I think I can cope with all these gadgets I just need them to play nice and talk to each other :-) I guess all kinds of things can be done with ifttt or zapier too. Looks like a sensational product might risk divorce and order a couple :-)
@helencrozier Completely agree that there is no silver bullet for wellness, so it's all the more important for different products to talk to each other politely and securely. Some of the most valuable insights will come from connecting those dots. We're still developing Olive, but we want Olive to talk with as many devices as possible!