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Chris Herd@chris_herd · Maverick: A person who pursues rebelliou
Incredible platform tackling the significant and growing global issue of food waste. OLIO offers a modern solution to an age old problem through the facilitation of exchanges on a platform within your local community.
Saasha Celestial-OneMaker@saasha_celestial_one · Co-Founder, OLIO
@chris_herd Thanks for all of your support! Hope OLIO is thriving in your home town :)
RedeyeHunter@redeye · Simpleweb
Peer to peer food sharing that works.
Saasha Celestial-OneMaker@saasha_celestial_one · Co-Founder, OLIO
@redeye Thanks so much for hunting us! Hope you're enjoying using OLIO :)
Nitesh Mishra@niteshmishra_ · Configure.IT - App Development Platform
Super creative.
Saasha Celestial-OneMaker@saasha_celestial_one · Co-Founder, OLIO
@niteshmishra_ Thanks! Hope you'll give it a whirl - until someone shows up at your door delighted to take your spare food, it's hard to believe how much fun it is! :)
Shmuel Apel@shmuel_apel · Marketer
Is there a way to rate users food?
Saasha Celestial-OneMaker@saasha_celestial_one · Co-Founder, OLIO
@shmuel_apel Hi! Within the next few months you'll be able to rate users based on their reliability and accuracy of listing items. Not on the food per se - we want to encourage people to share anything edible!
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · EIR @ vLAB
Wow. This is potentially VERY awesome. Is this in NYC? @OLIO_ex @brokelyn @redeye @tessa_cook @saasha_celestial_one
Saasha Celestial-OneMaker@saasha_celestial_one · Co-Founder, OLIO
@elizabethhunker @olio_ex @brokelyn @redeye @tessa_cook Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your kind words! We made the app available across the UK in January, and have 'launched' (on the ground) in 9 cities. In June we made the app available for early adopters and anyone else who wants to use it in the USA and EU, but we haven't 'launched' there as we don't have the budget/capacity at this time (most likely 2018). Since January though over 125,000 items of food have been successfully shared on OLIO in the UK, and since June we've seen sharing happen organically in 20 countries outside the UK where there are 'hot pockets' of volunteers (we have a grassroots volunteer led strategy for growth). We're nearing the 100,000 downloads mark, and are super focused on getting to scale in the UK so network effects can kick in. I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know, but there you have it! We've had 5 items (most liquor from someone moving house!) in NYC so far and there is a moderate user base - go on, have a cupboard clear out - you might be surprised when someone requests your items! OLIO is about food waste, but it's also just a unique and fantastic way to meet new people in your community :-)
Shana Carp@shanacarp · cofounder, bayesianwitch
@saasha_celestial_one I'm seeing that right now. Conceptually I love it, but I dislike the km vs mile thing, and there is no one in nyc to get food/give food to #frustrating
Saasha Celestial-OneMaker@saasha_celestial_one · Co-Founder, OLIO
@shanacarp Hi! Thrilled you downloaded OLIO. If you go to more (cog icon) / account you can change your settings to 'mile' vs 'km'. Also, if you go to more / Users Near Me you'll see the 300 closest OLIOers on the app, relative to your set home location. There are only 93 registered users in New York so far (we haven't launched in the USA, just made it available for early adopters who want to build a local food sharing network. So far users in Denver, Palo Alto and Seattle have volunteered.). If you want to help spread the word let me know! :)