Olinkia let's you easily save and organize your links

It is very important that developers save the URLs and find them as quickly as possible.
Olinkia is like a phone book that stores our contact information but, in this case, we organize links using labels that we can easily remember.
Our links, our rules.
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Good idea but you should develop an mobile app. It will be more useful.
@tarik_gor Thanks Tarik! At this time we develop several web projects and, depending on the projection, we will see the possibility of developing for Android or iOS. Although Olinkia is fully responsive ;)
I hope this tool is practical for you as it is for us. ^^
@camilinho_pro If i were you, i would include screenshots of the product itself and congrats it's actually fast!
@fransec_loal Thanks! I'll include it soon
@camilinho_pro This is a great tool, one suggested feature that I think would be beneficial is having the title of the article displayed as well. Considering not all websites have the title in their urls. But overall, I love this, I'll be using it moving forward!
@nickdevyyc Thanks Nick. Save the title we have in pending tasks as well as meta tags. Step by Step. Thank you very much for your support!