Panic button for ride-share drivers

OkMe is the panic button designed to help 1.5M rideshare drivers in America: in case of an emergency during a ride, the driver can push OkMe Bluetooth button (attached in the back of the steering wheel) and OkMe app will silently send emergency text/live GPS to pre-entered contact(s)

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Hi Product Hunt and thank you very much @chrismessina for helping us out! My technical co-founder @jscuba and I, are very excited to be launching "OkMe" in this amazing community! πŸ”˜ "OkMe" is the PANIC BUTTON FOR UBER & LYFT DRIVERS: in case of an emergency during a ride, the driver can push this physical Bluetooth button (attached in the back of the steering wheel) and OkMe app will silently send emergency text/live GPS to pre-entered contact(s). πŸš— A group of drivers in San Diego, CA have been testing OkMe with positive feedback and today we will start accepting orders ($9.99 the button - launch offer- and $0.99/week for the app)! πŸ‘‚ We are here to hear your feedback, ideas and anything else! Cheers, Pompilio and Jeff | OkMe - Panic button for ride-share drivers (www.okme.info)
@pompilio_fiore awesome idea! maybe even better if you could provide a service that would notify the police. If a driver works graveyard shifts, chances are everyone on their contact list would be out of reach. I realize, such service wouldn't be possible at this price point, but I'm sure, people would be willing to pay more and be safe. Another thing is maybe the design of the button should be not so bright, and match the most popular car interior colors, like black or beige, or light grey. So the riders wouldn't be able to see the button. And also, how about the integration with the car-sharing apps that would send out the name of the person who's currently with the driver?
@kay_larina Thank you very much for your feedback! Some drivers like the fact that you can put family and friends numbers, but you are absolutely right about notifying the police too: we will have a premium version of the app that includes also this feature! And you are right about the color of the button too :) Soon you will be able to pick a black button as well! But even now, the button is attached with velcro in the back of the steering wheel, so you cannot see it. The drivers that have been testing OkMe didn't say anything about the color (and I actually asked them) but I agree with you for, at least, to have a dark color to pick! The integration that you mentioned could be something to think about in a second moment. For now, we are focusing on traction and on making a product based on the needs of the users by constantly talking to them and getting feedback! Thank you very much for sharing all of these ideas! πŸ™
This is a great idea, and may I suggest that you're limiting yourself by aiming this only at ride-share drivers. I would DEFINITELY buy one of these for my wife and probably even myself. It's not a very safe world out there.
@mickc79 Thank you very much! We will be thinking about other user cases in the near future and thank you very much for confirming that we should!
@mickc79 Crime rate is at a what, 30 year low? We've been never be safer than we are today.
@mickc79 Pizza Delivery Drivers come to mind
Great job , Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ½ !! Driver safety is as much a necessity as that of passenger safety & drivers are as much vulnerable as passengers.
Thank you very much @aalpanigrahi for your feedback, this is exactly our point!
Seems like a very useful idea, having quick access to something like this must be a great comfort, I'm sure if I was a driver I'd look into getting one. Is it possible to also notify Uber / Lyft with this button too? Do those guys have any sort of panic mode built into their driver apps already that you could trigger?
@liammckay Thank you very much for your feedback and questions! Just last week, Lyft released a shortcut to call emergency within the app. In our opinion, this is not an effective solution. If the driver has an emergency during a ride, in order to use the emergency shortcut within the app, he/she would need to switch from e.g. google map, go to the driver app, tap a little icon for the emergency and confirm the need to call. If the emergency is "while driving" the driver cannot safely do all of this. Also, we want to give a tool to use in case there is a dangerous situation with a rider where the driver cannot just grab the phone and call 911. We think that the best solution would be to actually integrate our system in their app and to use our button to trigger the emergency texts/calls.
@raffi_muradyan Thank you very much! 😊