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Hi all -- very excited to make it on to Product Hunt! This is the initial release of our new social networking app -- just getting started with marketing and distribution. We were motivated to create a modern social platform that was not just about content creation and consumption, but actually brings people together in real life -- sort of a counter-balance to all the resources being thrown at virtual and augmented realities. How it works: users suggest an activity they are interested in doing -- this is as simple and casual as posting a tweet. Others nearby can discover that activity post and request to join. The organizer puts together a group and everyone is dropped into a group chat to coordinate logistics and later, share pictures, etc. There are more interesting wrinkles coming soon, so stay in touch with our product announce email list (can sign up on http://okk.co). A MODEST SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE PRODUCT HUNT COMMUNITY: Free T-shirt to the first 100 people downloading from the SF Bay Area or NYC (we're focused on developing communities there at the moment). Just get the app and use the Feedback option under Settings to send us a note about your user experience and your shipping address (has to be SF Bay Area or NYC). T-shirt: http://okk.co/#swag DEMO VIDEO:
That sounds pretty cool! I love when apps are not only about keeping everybody online, but also enjoy the world out there.
@cesarzeppini Thanks Cesar. Yes not to sound too cheesy, but we're trying put "social" back into social media.
This sounds like a great idea :) One thing I've always disliked is whenever a new social platform goes viral and grows to the point that large commercial interests take notice, they begin to use it to sell us more cr@p that we really couldn't care less about. If the platform is designed just to connect local communities in a serendipitous way and in an instant... this has got to be good news for al that use the platform. So the very best of luck with it.
@cute_life Thanks for the comment! I think many of the existing social platforms have an user endgame of becoming an "influencer" -- maximizing the reach of a single person efficiently. This emphasis on influence and reach can reinforce usage patterns that run counter to the original aims of the platform: for example, in our user research, we found that many people started to ignore their Facebook events because for some, the event stream was full of stuff being promoted, rather than things that their friends were actually interested in doing.
I love the idea of using it to meet up and play sport! That's something that currently takes place on awkward message boards or Facebook groups, so anything that streamlines the experience is great :)
@kerry_london That's definitely one of the use cases we can solve! I wrote you back and it'd be great to trial it in the UK.
Okk (“oh kay kay”) lets you create instant activity groups. Post activity suggestions and find people in your city who are interested in the things you want to do -- share a drink, pick up a new hobby, or both! Anyone can request to join your activity, but you decide who to invite. Use group chat to figure out details and share pictures.
@craigdeakin Thanks Craig for hunting it! We're pretty excited about the possibilities. The million dollar question for us is whether people are motivated enough to meet new people, when it's not for career advancement or dating -- though we understand that some "primal" forces are always at play. lol