Clear the board in this minimalistic iOS game

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 28, 2015
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Beautifully designed and props for to the team for experimenting with a pay what you want pricing model (which includes a $0 option).
@rrhoover It's a really interesting experiment indeed. I'd be curious to know the outcome, vs a classic in-app purchase process. Addictive and well designed game by the way ;)
@rrhoover from the creator of Sometimes You Die. https://appsto.re/ca/TVwcX.i one of my favorite games on mobile.
I download the app straightaway after watching the video. The next thing I know,I've spent about 45 mins playing the game instead of working on my project! Love the user interface and game mechanism. This game is going both on my iphone and ipad for sure!
@keeranravee me too - I was looking for an offline addictive game to play when there is no wifi - that's the one !
This is so much fun! Love the sounds too. Well done!!!
Love the minimalist design— Makes for unobtrusive game play
Such a beautiful game and really interesting pricing model. It's really simple, but I just cannot stop playing it. Perfect execution!