OK Video

Unlimited full screen hold-to-record video montage

Hold the screen to record and swipe vertically to zoom. Quickly create a montage without extensive editing options. Just record, record, and send to your favourite app 🔥

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1 Review5.0/5
It was so much fun to make this little app. It started with Tom asking on Twitter about a simple app that can create an unlimited fullscreen video sequence which apparently didn't exist. I made the prototype in a day and a week later Pasquale offered to replace all emoji buttons with Actual Graphics™ There are so many more features we're going to explore for this app going forward 😘
@pimcoumans @pasql OK Pim, show us the emoji version!
I love this app, because it allows me to make my silly videos with the least amount of time invested. Who wants to sink hours into a silly video?? Silly videos should be quick and carry energy in the moment.
Love it! Great idea @pimcoumans! So what are your plans after this? Which direction would you want to go with OK Video? Your own OK Video stories? 😉
@woutervanlent Thanks Wouter! The plans are to slowly add features but never losing focus on or getting in the way of what this app does best: quick sequential videos. So no social components. Just get it as quickly to whatever app or service you want to share your OK Video with!