OK Google Notifications

'OK Google, open my notifications' - say and listen

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Imagine you are cleaning your room, doing the dishes, driving your car or biking to work, you hear a notification arrive on your phone, but it's a hassle to actually get to it just to see what it is. This is a very simple app that integrates with any Android phone that supports the "OK Google" voice command. Just say "OK Google, open my notifications", and a summery of all the active notifications will be played back to you.
I've been looking for something that can read out notifications since moving on from my Moto X. This looks promising.
Not sure if you are taking feature requests, but I'd like to add two. 1. The ability to exclude apps from having their notifications being read - ie persistent notifications 2. The ability to stop the notifications from being read while listening - if you have a ton of notifications, you may not want to sit their for 8 seconds listening
@deec_nj Hey Dan, both are already on my todo list, should push an update soon :)