OK Google

Explore over 150 Google Now voice commands in one place

OK Google is your google voice assistant. Whenever you say "Ok, Google" that means that you are ready to put in a voice command, so it launches. You can ask everything you can check on your phone, on the phone or on the web through your speech.

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Hey guys, I’m super excited to present you my new product! 🙂 I love everything that's made by Google, but especially their voice assistant. If you didn't know, you can use it on Android and iOS, just click on the microphone icon in the Google app. I was annoyed by the fact that every once in a while a new "complete list of Google Now commands" appears online, so I decided to create this project. After few days of research I found an extensive list of over 150 commands and 1000+ variations. I'll try to keep it up to date, and in v2 I'll add an easy way for the community to contribute. The project will be open sourced soon, but feel free to report any bugs or issues on GitHub right now. If I have missed some commands just write a comment here or ping me on twitter @thekitze. I would love some feedback on this and if you have some questions ask away!
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@thekitze I really like animations in the beginning. How did you build it?
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@thekitze I LOVE the animation when you open the site - it's amazing that you have put so much care into getting this right. Thank you.
@jasonbereklewis I'm really glad you like it! I spent a whole day on it 😅
@nikgraf Glad you like it. Everything is animated with CSS keyframes and transitions, and the state of the animation is managed with React. 🙂
Last week I caught up with @matthartman to chat about a number of things, including how difficult it is to inform and update users on new ways of interacting with voice-enabled interfaces like Google Now, Siri, Alexa, etc. Love this idea but in a perfect world voice commands wouldn't be so "hidden".
@rrhoover @matthartman This is just version 0.1. I have many ideas for improvements of the app, including a native Android app that will "train" and navigate users in a fun and interactive way through the commands :)
Great job. I really wished there was something like this for Siri.
@rstankov Thank you. Wait for it ;)
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Flawlessly executed, @thekitze, right down to the Google-approved material design. I love that you're open sourcing this too. I so badly want to use voice commands to interact with it. Great work.
@craigphares Thank you man!
The design aesthetics of the site are soooooooooo good! Well done.
@craigjbarber Thanks man :)