OK Cookie

Horrible fortune cookies from Cards Against Humanity

#5 Product of the DayAugust 24, 2016
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I'm in love with the checkout form. The cookies are pretty neat too.
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@hialexlam I didn't look before I closed but am glad I went back to have a look.
@hialexlam Awesome checkout form. If it was offered as a SaaS, I'd pay for it.
@cliffdailey I think they're using their new Blackbox product for checkout, so it might be!
Cards Against Humanity are on fire this week. Love this. πŸ”₯
Not nearly as evil as this.
Awesome! But for some reason I expected these to be called "misfortune cookies". Hmm..
Aside from being a super smart proof of concept for Blackbox, these cookies are hilarious and would make a funny gift for someone. The buy button flow is quite polished.