The smallest iPhone charger on-the-go (pre-launch)

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Oivo is a portable iPhone charger that uses normal AA batteries to charge the iPhone. Up to 100% with one set of batteries and it charges as fast as an AC charger - 1 Amp. Signup and be notified as soon as we go on Kickstarter and get an Early Bird Oivo for 34$.
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Alex ParkerKeystone
Very cool idea. Not sure how likely I'll have batteries available to me. Although If i had this, I might start storing a large stash of batteries in my car. Or that's what I thought at first, then I remembered I can charge my phone in my car? I dont know, just getting my brain train of thought here. It seems as I personally would not have a solid need for this. But others might.
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@misterparker Hi, I see your point. It's not intended that you should have spare batteries, but in case of emergency, you can go buy them and charge your iPhone. AA batteries are easily available in every store.
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Juil YoonPhotographer. Programmer for fun.
Can the Oivo charge rechargeable batteries? Because that would really sell it for me.