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Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Check out the quickstart video — progressive image processing:
Jeshua LacockMaker@jeshua_lacock · Founder/Enginneer
@chrismessina thanks for sharing! We have a whole series of more advanced use tutorials in production.
Naomi Assaraf@nassaraf · CMO, Technophile, pancake lover.
This looks really cool and I know just the person to send this to! Thanks, @chrismessina! *Sidenote: Do you know if there are any partnerships with @Prismaai in the works? 🤔
Jeshua LacockMaker@jeshua_lacock · Founder/Enginneer
@nassaraf @chrismessina @prismaai we haven't been in contact with Prisma, but we plan on adding neural style transfer capabilities to a future version of update. We just have to port something like fast-neural-style (feedforward style transfer) to iOS which has been done by many others besides Prisma. Oilist works well with low resolution images as input that creates 4k images as output, so it could do a lot to address the low resolution artwork Prisma creates.
Joey Figaro@joeyfigaro · Sr. Developer at Painless1099
Loving what's going on with image processing - nice contribution you guys have made. The app icon looks a lot like audulus: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.c...
Jeshua LacockMaker@jeshua_lacock · Founder/Enginneer
@joeyfigaro thanks! Hah! Funny - I will have to show that to the designer!
Chen Zeev@bulleitandcoke · Co-founder of PartyCam
Paid. Amazing app! Love that you can save in the middle of draw.
Jeshua LacockMaker@jeshua_lacock · Founder/Enginneer
@bulleitandcoke thank you! My favorite is playing with the Chaos tool. I have literally rendered a test image more than 20,000 times and still find images that excite me.
Max Sobkowski@sbkwsk · Former Creative Director at Surf
Holy macaroni! You had me on Gravity
Jeshua LacockMaker@jeshua_lacock · Founder/Enginneer