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Ankush Dharkar
Ankush Dharkar@ankushdharkar · Technical Founder, YUDEK
Cool app. Are you planning to let users change colors and themes? Also, can we change the location permissions from "Always on" to "While using the app"?
Kexi Liu
Kexi LiuMaker@kexi_liu · Co-founder@mintmuse
@ankushdharkar Yah, that's good suggestion and feedback. Right now there isn't a way to do that, but i got same feedback from other people, will consider that option next version!
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
@kexi_liu tell us the story here :) @jacqvon this is the one I said you'll like
Kexi Liu
Kexi LiuMaker@kexi_liu · Co-founder@mintmuse
The idea is coming from my own experience: while you're taking a photo, it captures the pixels, but how about the things that are floating in the air? The temperature, the speed your car is moving, and whether you're at the peak of a mountain...? those are small fine surrounding elements i'd like to carry with my photo. People who see the photo can have a richer feeling of my surroundings.
Kexi Liu
Kexi LiuMaker@kexi_liu · Co-founder@mintmuse
I live in warm California (San Diego) while my friend lives in snowy Ohio. The photos that we sent to each other couple days ago conveyed lots of messages/feelings without us explicitly saying anything...
Kexi Liu
Kexi LiuMaker@kexi_liu · Co-founder@mintmuse
I'm originally from China and I have a deep love of the ancient cities and diverse culture there. But the air pollution in the last couple years worries me and I want to use this app to increase the awareness of air quality. So now if you use this app in China, it'll pop up bubbles of real time PM2.5 readings (if they're pretty bad or superb). Some of my family&friends live in southern most beach in China (City of Sanya) where they get best air quality but people who live in the metropolitan area still suffer from poor air quality from time to time.
Imaging Mind: Visual Startup Community
Imaging Mind: Visual Startup Community@imagingmind · Request access here: http://bit.ly/1Mkap
@kexi_liu thanks for these insights Kexi. I think your vision is spot on and this space is full of untapped potential. We call it ambient capture. Would you like to join our Slack community for visual startup founders? We have some of the top startups in there already and I think you would make a great addition and there is a lot of potential for collaboration! Just drop me a line at mail@imagingmind.com!