OI Chat

Connect users across blockchains

Powered by matrix, this chat and collaboration platform gives users instant access using the ID they own already on their preferred blockchain. No passwords or permissions from social account providers required.
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Friedger Müffke
Entredeveloper from Europe
As a long-time user and supporter of the matrix platform and as a blockchain developer, I am quite excited to provide a chat service where users can sign in just with their name - the name that they already own on a blockchain, not a name or account that a social network rented out to their users (mostly at the cost of less privacy). The chat and collaboration app comes with all the features already known by Riot.im, like end-to-end encryption, video/voice calls, widgets, team chats. Of course, OI Chat is connected to the already existing 7+ millions users. Just to make it clear, OI Chat does not use any blockchain for chatting, it just uses the power and security of blockchains for authenticating users:
  • Blockstack users can just use their Blockstack ID. OI Chat verifies that the user can respond to a challenge using their own storage (gaia storage).
  • EOS users can use their EOS account name. OI Chat verifies that the user signed an on-chain transaction.
If you don't have your own identity yet just follow the sign-in flow and you will get your free Blockstack ID.
I upvoted it but the speed been incredibly slow since 1 month , I'm talking about 10-15 minutes b4 it even log in. I Also need to resend msg several times. + constantly timing out.