OI Chat

Chat and collaboration network for Blockstack users

OI Chat is a matrix service dedicated to users with a Blockstack account. Matrix is an open, decentralized, secure network for communication and collaboration. With OI Chat, users can connect to the network without worrying about passwords.

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The Blockstack platform provides users with their own storage that they and only they control. With OI Chat users are provided with their own communication and collaboration account on the matrix network that they and only they control. For me, this is quite exciting because it opens a new dimension to the Blockstack platform: decentralized communication with decentralized identities. Users are free to choose which matrix provider they want to use. OI Chat is just the first one and as a decentralist, I am happy to compete and collaborate with all the upcoming ones. In other words: Matrix is to chat what Gaia is to storage. And OI Chat brings both together. A lot of very special thanks go to all the contributors of matrix and blockstack! Without all their efforts over the years OI Chat would not have been possible. BTW, all tools we created for OI Chat are available for free and open source, as usual.
OI Chat has been updated and now allows Blockstack apps to collaborate, read more in the forum post: https://forum.blockstack.org/t/c...
@friedger_muffke where is the app source code involved with blockstack? Is the data stored in my gaia hub or in your traditional mysql or postgresql database?
@blockstack_yummy The source code is available at https://github.com/friedger/riot... and https://github.com/friedger/matr... The messages are stored on the home server you chose, in this case openintents.modular.im. The home server source code is here: https://github.com/matrix-org/sy... it uses postgres database.