OI Calendar

Encrypted, decentralized alternative to Google calendar

OI Calendar is an encrypted, decentralized alternative to Google Calendar. It is your open source calendar in the cloud that belongs to you - as in your own Blockstack identity. Your data is only seen by you, your invited guests and in encrypted form your storage provider.

If you don't know what Google is doing with your event data you should give OI Calendar a try. For a long time I was fallen for the convenience of Google Calendar, but now I want my data back and created this web app with Blockstack.
Hi Friedger, maybe you could be a bit more specific? What problems is this solving over existing solutions?
@colinwinhall The main goal is to move your data from big corporations to your own storage, taking power from them. Blockstack is facilitating this, it let you manage where applications should store your data. You stay in control which servers can see your data. For OI Calendar, your event data will only be seen (in encrypted form) by your storage provider (and guests if you invite them), not by OpenIntents servers or anybody else. If you run your own calDav server than you don't need OI Calendar. This is for all the others that can't or don't want to manage a server but still want to control their data. In the next release, we add a feature where you can really see your files on your storage, making the difference to a Google hosted calendar much more visible. In addition, it gives you a much better experience across devices and OI Calendar includes a social feature where you can publish events that can be seen by your followers (without prediction algorithms that try to change your way of thinking)
@colinwinhall As it is safer internet day today the "economist" posted a short video that mentions Blockstack and mastadon to lead into a better post-Facebook internet:
Lovely work! However, I'm finding it hard to export my Google calendar by following the guide. I'm using a CORS add-on with Firefox and I've added my private URL from GCal, but nothing is displayed in OI Calendar. Any support channel available? Thanks!
@niklaspivic666 You can join the OI Calendar chat at https://matrix.to/#/!PjkQAlJccxP... using https://chat.openintents.org with your blockstack id
@friedger_muffke Thanks! Also, I'm an idiot. I had downloaded a CORS add-on, but not enabled it. Once enabled, everything works completely issue-free. Thanks!