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A platform to review Blockstack apps enhanced with details from the app mining program. Comments and reviews are owned by the user. Users can use their content on any other review platform as well - no lock-in, no data selling!
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It started with an app that shows results of the Blockstack app mining program in an accessible format. Over time it developed into a review platform that adopts Blockstack's vision of user control and data ownership. On this open-source platform, users can leave comments about apps and give ratings. App developers can integrate a review feature into their apps and also post monthly updates on the site. The user-generated content is owned and controlled by the user through their Blockstack IDs. The platform aggregates the content and only stores a copy with a reference to the original source. If the source is updated or deleted then the platform will reflect that. This is the meaning of true data ownership. It is only the beginning. The comments and rating features should not be limited to Blockstack apps. Users will be able to review any app or website or other referable content on the web. Finally, sister apps to OI App Center will emerge that focus on particular types of content like hotels or newly launched product. I am exited to start a new area of user commenting and rating!
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should not be limited to Blockstack apps!
@sulayman1 indeed, what do you think would be a good category of apps?
@sulayman1 Furthermore, the platform is built such that new pages like OI App Center but for different kind of apps can benefit from it. In particular there is no lock-in for users! And did I mention that it is open source?
very good concept and platform, I love it!
@ucefkh Thank you for feedback!
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