Expert travelers share bite-size videos on hotels

Co-founder of OhTell here. A few words about the concept behind OhTell: we want to inspire people to find the most awesome hotels in the world by exploring REAL travel video experiences captured at those hotels. We've picked out the coolest, most spectacular hotels and curated high-quality, 15-second video experiences that will "take you there". Instead of flipping through a series of photoshopped pictures of a hotel, or reading endless reviews about it, you can now watch short videos of that hotel. We've selected a highly skilled team of expert travel bloggers to create exclusive content for us, taking you to see first where they stay when they travel. The videos are tagged by category (bar, room, food, pool etc.) and you can explore the world's hotels or zoom-in on a specific hotel to discover every aspect of it - all in bite-size videos. You can also start to create a personal wishlilst of your favorite hotels for your next trip, like all those romantic hotels your partner will love for your honeymoon. The process of being inspired to travel is what we're changing. We're focusing on the fun side of exploring hotels, and not the boring side (tripadvisor, booking etc.). We're here to answer any questions and would love to hear feedback from you guys!
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@eliran_mesika love this. I find a ton of great content on Instagram, particularly short videos often provided by hotel accounts or photographers as to where they are staying. In fact, it's what we did on a recent trip to Italy: https://twitter.com/daveambrose/...
For someone who just went through the booking-hotels-in-a-foreign-place process, this one just spoke to me. Curious to hear what the community thinks!
@beller Airbnb let you down? Aren't you invested in them 😏
@beller I think that this is a refreshing new way to discover new hotels and places. One of the problems of searching for feedback and reviews for hotels in TripAdvisor for example, is that there are so many of them (text and photos), It takes me hours to gather a valuable review. I think that short videos might improve my experience and save me a lot of time.
@illaigescheit that was exactly part of the thinking behind the design and the 15-sec limit on each clip. We want people to be able to snack on these bite-sized videos whenever they have a couple of minutes or need a morale boost in their day, dreaming of their next vacation
@kam_bain - I LOVE Airbnb and use it all the time! Just sometimes you want to stay in hotels. I find them complimentary vs. competitive
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@8artd - left my glass slipper under my desk, can you grab it for me?
Hello all hunters! We think it’s about time travel planning stopped being about fear of booking terrible hotels and more about the awesomeness of all the amazing hotels out there. That’s why we created OhTell - to highlight great hotels with short videos created by people who live to travel. Our team is here to answer any questions.
Whoaa my tumblr feed turned Instagram 😱