Your wishes. Wishes of your folks. In one app

#5 Product of the DayJune 29, 2018

Ohmywishes app is an easier way to get or present only a necessary and pleasant gift


  • Pros: 

    Cool product


    Cool design

    It is often difficult to come up with good ideas for gifts for colleagues and friends. OhMyWishes is a really handy tool that solves this problem. In addition, cool design of the application and interactions deliver aesthetic pleasure.

    Alexey Golovanov has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Azamat the best


    Cool app!

    Super useful project-saves my time when I doubt about the present

    Khlebnikova Ekaterina has used this product for one year.


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Azamat IvanovMaker@azamat_ivanov · Ohmywishes LLC. Founder
Hi folks! My name is Azamat and I'm a Founder of the Ohmywishes LLC. Our product is a simple and convenient app for collecting your wishes. Ohmywishes helps you: — to keep your wishlist — to view the wishes of your friends — to give and get only needed gifts — to make a private wishes — to choose from recommended wishes — to share your wishlist with friends — to secretly reserve the wishes of your friends All this is a free and without ad! Enjoy If you have a question about our product — write to us hello@ohmywishes.com Stay in touch FB Messenger — https://m.me/ohmywishes Facebook Page — https://fb.me/ohmywishes Instagram — http://instagram.com/ohmywisheshq
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@ohmywishes @azamat_ivanov Curious about your revenue model. Do you generate money from affiliate links?
Azamat IvanovMaker@azamat_ivanov · Ohmywishes LLC. Founder
@abadesi big thanks! No, we don't generate money from affiliate links. Now we are working without revenue model and looking for the right direction, because our first mission is an awesome wish service. And we have a big plan for collaboration with brands for make cool suggestions for our users
Vitalik NazmutdinovMaker@nazmutdinov
@ohmywishes @azamat_ivanov @abadesi so it's one of the point to be a "lead generator", but we still try to understand hove to do that and don't let consumer think they a "lead" at the same time. Cause wishes it is some how about you privat, you thoughts...
Tim Raiter@timraiter · Art Director, Hello Baby / babyalbum.com
Well done, guys! Nice concept and clean design.
David Prati@davidprati · Freelance product designer
Smart idea and very nice UI/identity. Love the multicolor letters on profile page!
Tochukwu Nkemdilim@tnkemdilim · Vericampus
This is a great product, although I don't know why it displays the texts on my profile in Russian,
Vitalik NazmutdinovMaker@nazmutdinov
@tnkemdilim thank you mate. That's strange cause ip geo should show Cyrillic version only for CIS region or cyrillic os lengguage. Could you plz provide me with your region to check?
Azamat IvanovMaker@azamat_ivanov · Ohmywishes LLC. Founder
@tnkemdilim oh, sorry man! something goes wrong, we'll fix it
Tochukwu Nkemdilim@tnkemdilim · Vericampus
@nazmutdinov Western Africa
Dima Blover💎@dimablover · Founder at itmeo.com | Product designer
Great design guys. Congrats with the launch and good luck 👍