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A robot to transform how you communicate with your family

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πŸ‘‹ Hunters! There's an official press release going out at 7am today, and Ohmni is only available to product hunters (email @vnguard at contact@ohmnilabs.com and use PH213 in your subject line). Full scale shipping is expected by October 2017. -- We all have people we love that live far away. Maybe it's your spouse, parents, or grandparents. When life takes us apart we all miss the closeness of hanging out in person. However it's usually hard to find time to visit. And Facetime or Skype isn't usually satisfying for keeping in touch. Communication could get much better through robotics. Ohmni is a robot that gives you the freedom and control that's missing in today video calls. You can drive and look around in the home, and the other side doesn't have to lift a finger. This enables all sorts of new experiences such as watching the Warriors game with dad, checking to see if grandma took the right medications, or even learning to cook with friends. How Ohmni is different: Set up is effortless: just unbox and turn on. The moving neck makes the robot a lot more emotive and human. Given the specs, their price is quite reasonable. All the attention to product details really helps the robot stand out, and gives users a much more polished experience compared to other telepresence robots. Check out the videos and stories on their Indiegogo page in the "Get It" link. Their beta users love their robots and they already saved one life. This product changes my point of view about telepresence robots. If it's done right, it could really transform how families stay connected.
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@nassaraf @vnguard @ohmnilabs How loud is the speaker? So PH users can buy one right now? And what is the cost?
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham The speaker is a Jabra SPEAK 410 with built-in omnidirectional mic. So it can get quite loud. Our beta users have no troubles hearing or being heard in a one or two bed room apartment. PH users can buy one right now starting at $1399 and we will ship to you in 2-4 weeks (depending on demand).
@vnguard thanks for the reply! I really like the 'neck' idea. Also is the tablet included in the price? (Vs double robotics requiring a purchase of an iPad)
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham Yes the tablet is included and already on Ohmni when you get it.
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham We're very glad you like the neck! We found that it made a huge difference to our user experience compared to other products. They said Ohmni felt more human and natural. And we does include everything as Mark said. We want to make sure it's super easy for user to set up. No need to worry about hooking up and installing app on the tablet before use.
Reminds me of...
@johnsteerfowler Ha! Brilliant comment! πŸ˜€
@johnsteerfowler lol, is it in Big Bang Theory? Sheldon Cooper...
@johnsteerfowler Haha we got that before, but the difference is you can reserve Ohmni today and enjoy it with your family soon.
Yess!! This is exactly what I have been looking for. My whole family lives in Houston, and I live in San Francisco. I always feel so isolated, especially during holidays, when there is family gathering. I can't wait to get my new Ohmni robots for my upcoming Xmas celebration!
You can even literally sit at the table with them now! :) :
@nassaraf haha yeah i can't wait. I'd feel like being there... if Ohmni somehow let me tastes the food, that's even better!!
@elsa_now That's actually not out of the question and an odor generator is something the team is looking at for phase 2.
@elsa_now Yeah, we actually had users using Ohmni for Christmas gathering last year :)) We need to start dressing our robots as Santa for this occasion.
Thuc and his team are world-class technical talent with world-class empathy--a very rare combo. I got to play around with a few of these and the devices are amazing. It has an almost video game feel to controlling them, they're fun and intuitive to use. While the home robotics space will only get more crowded, the platform here will be a huge differentiator for Ohmni. If you're on the fence, definitely grab one!
@chriswinsatlife πŸ’― Agreed. The team and the platform is what convinced me to hunt them. Also, the home robotics and communications space is young and growing, so they have the combo of a winning company.
@chriswinsatlife Thank you Chris! Keeping the platform open is definitely one of the top priorities for us. We usually say half-jokingly in the office that one shouldn't need a PhD to do robotics :) We already have students using our APIs to develop app that allows users to control the robots in Chinese. Very fun stuff!
Dear hunters, We are very grateful to have your amazing support and are super excited to get featured in PH. This is a first for all of us here at OhmniLabs! :) We strongly believe that robotics should be able to bring people closer and take away the physical distance between families. Robotics could and should bring value to everyday life of users, instead of taking away jobs. Our first product, Ohmni, is trying to do just that. And we started with communication because we believe that would be the most compelling use case in the home for our users. We hope our users will enjoy Ohmni everyday and have a much better experience connecting with their families. If you know someone who is looking for a product like Ohmni, please send them our way. Many thanks again and would love to hear more from you! -Thuc