Social video dating. It's nice to meet you πŸ˜‰

Ohi provides authentic video profiles & secure video chats help you break the ice β€” and have a first date β€” before a first date.

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Hey PH! I'm stoked to show you Ohi, our social video dating app. I know I know... NOT ANOTHER DATING APP! GUHH. We asked ourselves the same thing, but couldn't shake the feeling that online dating needed a serious overhaul. We've used all the apps. We've had long conversations with hundreds of people about their experiences using popular dating apps. We did a lot of really deep discovery and have worked really hard to design/engineer something very simple and super powerful for meeting new people online. Here's a highlight of Ohi's key features so far: – Authentic Video Profiles – In-app profile video creation – Q&A-style profile questions – Engaging "Matchmaking" activity (swiping right is fun!) – Real-time, in-app messaging – Live Video Chats (we call them Video Dates!) – Block and report the creepers! We're working hard on our "Friend Matchmaking" feature, where daters can invite their friends to either become Ohi daters too (YEWW!) or their non-dating friends to be Matchmakers for them. You'll get everyones suggestions and opinions on potential matches right in Ohi. It's really fun. We'd love to hear your feedback. We'd love it even more if you'd download Ohi or tell your single friends about it. We'll do our best to respond to your input. We're stoked on the response so far. https://itunes.apple.com/az/app/...
@jaredfitch love this concept. Big problem in this space (that isn't going away) that needs a streamlined solution. I could also see this working with AR/VR like sitting across from each other in a virtual cafe and chatting etc. I remember when google was launched and yes, there were a few people who said "not another search engine" Haha
@max_royale Thanks friend. It's a huge problem that needs a simple solution. We hope we're on the right path. We talk a lot about AR/VR in Ohi. We've got some ideas... 😎 I remember well the search engine maelstrom. I'm glad Google didn't worry about Yahoo, Facebook didn't worry about MySpace, Netflix didn't worry about Blockbuster, Lyft didn't worry about taxies, etc. etc. Thanks for the love.
@jaredfitch Interesting take on the dating app game! Will definitely try it out!
"Ohi Mark"
So great!! Great idea, great design, great execution
Nice !!! I will try it now !
@clement_chanut Thanks! Let us know what you think :-)
Android on the way?
@livejamie On the roadmap, but not for a few months unfortunately.