'Oh-No' Proof Underwear by Knixteen

The first ever period underwear made exclusively for teens

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Hi there! This is Joanna, the founder of Knixteen and sister brand Knixwear. Thank you Gwen for submitting Knixteen and supporting our mission to empower girls to be the boss of their periods. Please feel free to ask questions, provide feedback and share this product with your friends and family. Through our sister brand Knixwear we’ve been making awesome leak proof underwear for a few years now and we kept hearing one thing over and over again: “I wish this existed when I was a teen!” We started doing to the research and discovered three important things: 1) Teens are getting their periods, younger and younger. The average age a girl gets her period in the US is now 12 - 100 years ago it was 16-17! 2) Periods are one of the main stress drivers for young girls, alongside really big things like depression, doing well in school, peer pressure, bullying and body image. 3) The average woman will throw away 250-300 lbs of disposable pads, tampons and applicators in their lifetime. Thanks to reusable alternatives like knixteen this does not have to be case. We saw an incredible opportunity to help teens be the boss of their periods from cycle one, empower them to do more of what they love and help create a sustainable environmental change in the process. We worked really hard on the launch of knixteen and our e-commerce and informational portal knixteen.com and we would love to hear what you think. We’re looking for feedback on the creative, period FAQ, brand tone of voice and on the product itself. As a company that was born from listening, we are excited to hear what you think.
Forgot one (very) important thing! We are on the hunt for a stellar charity to create a long term partnership with. If you know of any charities that empower girls with a focus on education, body image and self esteem please let us know!
@jogriffiths Congratulations on the launch 🎉🔥 . If you're open to partnering with non-US charities, I can put you in touch with an Indian non-profit which works for the upliftment of teenage girls in various capacities.
@arunpattnaik thank you for checking us out. Yes absolutely open to non-US charities. What is the name of the non-profit you are thinking of? Would be great to check them out.
@jogriffiths http://girlrising.com/ is an awesome organization! And so many young girls have to miss school due to their period :( Congrats on the launch and so glad that you are doing this!
@anarghya503 this organization looks awesome! Thank you for the recommendation!
Nice website who designed it ?
@amirjaffari thank you! The Leo Burnett Toronto team did the design for us as a joint venture because our mission really struck a chord with them! Super grateful to have had their support.
Great product, message, and team (and awesome Shopify implementation too 🙌🏽)!
@skanwar thanks so much! We love using shopify - literally tell anyone who will listen how great it is.