Oh My Product Hunt

An open-source Android app for Product Hunt

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Really PH team, give this guy full write access to the API without limit...he has done an excellent job and open sourced it.... what else do you want? he is working just for free to learn! ;) KUDOS! here my upvote ;)
@deambulando Thank you so much for the praise! Didn't expect so many warm feedback :D
Well done, @hhua_, and props for open sourcing it. πŸ‘ We've received tons of requests to build an Android app but we've focused most of our efforts on the web product and more recently the iOS app. As eager as I am to create an awesome Android experience, it's important for us to focus. Are you planning to make any updates after this and if so, please share deets!
@rrhoover Thanks so much, Ryan! I definitely understand the priority for Product Hunt, and I do like the experience on the new PH iOS app, especially the "Popular" tab and podcast-playing feature. I used PH iOS app a lot to listen to Podcast. I will for sure keep working on the app, and I would also love to see other people join me on the effort. My next big focus will be bringing PH iOS experience to this Android app. Moreover, another big thing will be podcast-playing feature I feel everybody would be craving for. I keep all the ideas and feedback here. https://github.com/hhua/product-... Hope everybody loves it!
@rrhoover I'm really curious about this "focus" bit. It's a phrase TONS of app developers use, but I don't want to hijack this thread for that discussion. Maybe a quick blog about it?
@mattahorton the TL;DR version: if you try and do everything at once, you probably won't do a great job at any one thing. Of course, that's not a universal truth and there's not "right way to start up" but that's the strategy we're pursuing.
It is an open-source effort to build a Product Hunt Android app. I really wish to have the same PH experience with those iOS guys. Would you like it? Visit us on http://hhua.github.io/product-hu... #producthunt @rrhoover @bentossell
I see requests asking for an Android app but as @rrhoover said, our efforts have been focused elsewhere for the time being. @hhua_ this is awesome and hopefully it being open source will create some awesome opportunities.
@bentossell Thank you so much! I understand as a startup, you need to make the tradeoff. Really wish to see some surprising ideas people contribute to it.
Last night I had the idea to make an Android app for PH, forgot about it until I saw this ^^ Seems you beat me to it. The app seems solid. Good job :)
Hi @ddulic92 , I want to say please don't stop building what you have in your mind even there is a seemed-solid alternative already. I also studied a lot of other PH Android apps before building this app, especially Hunt app. https://play.google.com/store/ap... It is also a solid one with parts I like and dislike. So I still decide to build this app. I strongly recommend you download the app and play it for a while. Track what you like and dislike. Either get those back to me Or Build a new app based on your own need and preference. Or even both. The "Oh My Product Hunt" app is far from perfect yet. However, in order to build a great software, you need to keep improving it. I really would love to discuss the app with you, and you are more than welcome to contribute to the app. One goal for "Oh My Product Hunt" is to have a community effort to make PH experience better on Android. https://github.com/hhua/product-...