iOS keyboard for frequently used text & phrases

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ArtemMaker@fo0x · founder of OftenType
By the way, today we offer a special discount - 50% off. So get the app and enjoy your quick buttons! :)
ArtemMaker@fo0x · founder of OftenType
Hi all! I'm the OftenType founder. Thanks for upvotes, everybody! I've made this quick keys keyboard to avoid annoying repetend typing on your iPhone. Hope you like it as well.
Yuriy Romanyukha@rmnh · Founder @JETME
@fo0x like your product! What's about the next steps? Do you have a big picture behind v 1.0?
ArtemMaker@fo0x · founder of OftenType
@rmnh Hi, thanks for the feedback. Talking about nearest steps we have new features in the list - like iCloud sync, new icons, few UX improvements etc. We also consider to try freemium model. As of bigger plan - beside helping avoid repeated typing of e-mail, URLs and so on for ordinary users, OftenType can became a mobile tool for support employees, who will have their most used answers in the keys.