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Some of you may remember the Drizzy keyboard https://www.producthunt.com/tech... If that was the mixtape, this is the ALBUM! The team is back again, and this time it's a true platform for all music lyrics, and in the long-run, a platform for culture generally. For example, remember the KIMOJI app? Stuff like that can live inside here. Congrats to the Often team on launching! Excited to see where this goes.
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@nbashaw Thanks for the share Nathan! Couldn't be more excited to get this out. Here's a little more about why we're building Often: Keyboards are a nightmare to deal with and brands/personalities are still making these by the minute. Apple still hasn't made it any easier to have more than one keyboard at a time and none of these companies actually want to maintain any of their apps. After 2-3 months, these things end up in the deep dark pits of app store hell. We're building the first keyboard platform for culture. We want to build the most solid keyboard out there and put all the best, most shareable content in one place, Often. We're starting with lyrics for two reasons: We love them and they touch on every piece of modern culture, from politics to Maybachs. In the future, we're expanding into multiple types of content (music, quotes and REAL emojis, none of that fake copy and paste BS) and opening our dashboard for partners to manage/upload content. I'll be around all day :)
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@perlerar Regy!! Congrats!
@hehedavid thanks David! 😄
Nice! Whats next after lyrics?
@frankdenbow Hey Frank! Lyrics are just the beginning. We want to to take the most sharable content on the internet and put it at your fingertips. Quotes, music, and video are a few things that we'll be touching on over the next few months!
@lucsucces Congrats to the whole team!
@milesfitzgerald @lucsucces We appreciate it Miles! thank you thank you
I also really love the store / marketplace to find, favorite and (buy) lyrics to be added. Well done.
@noahchestnut Thanks Noah!
Definitely going to have a lot of fun with this over the weekend! >:) Great product guys. Truly one of a kind.
@justbalbi Thanks man! Releasing an update soon and spicing things up a bit ;)