Offset My Ride

Offset your 2016 Uber and Lyft rides with Carbon Credits

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Great initiative!! Any plans to expand this beyond uber/lyft? Also how are you planning to grow 'Offset my Ride'? This is the first I've heard or come across something like this, not that my lack of awareness should carry any weight, but how can we help spread the word?
@anthony_stylianou This is part of a greater plan in bringing awareness to carbon credits and sustainability in general to a broader audience. It's a huge space with a lot of very complex, disjointed information that people just don't have access to or knowledge of. Additionally, I personally find the carbon market fascinating and there is opportunity there to make it easier for not only people but interested retailers, manufacturers, etc. to have an interface/API to easily price and buy/sell these credits on a massive scale.
Was actually really surprised at how an entire year's worth of uber rides amounted to about $4 of carbon credits.
Hey everyone. Thanks for trying out our app! It's super-inspiring to get all the positive and constructive feedback — please keep it coming!
FYI I got an unknown application error the first time I tried signing in through Uber on ios safari. Worked fine the second time. This is great for spreading awareness. Thanks for building it!
@vr3690 Thanks Vivek looking into it!