Offset List

Companies that are offsetting their carbon emissions.

A collection of 50+ companies that have committed to offsetting their carbon emissions and their public sustainability announcements.
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Hey PH! Hope you enjoy this quick weekend project we put together. Offset List is a collection of 50+ companies that have publicly announced that they are committing to being more environmentally conscious in some way. It's good to see lots of companies that are carbon neutral or striving towards it! Let us know what you think and if you want to add your company to the list :)
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Congrats on shipping, do you plan on adding a job board soon?
@abhimvyas That's a great idea! Would be super cool to show jobs at these environmentally conscious companies, and maybe even climate advocacy roles.
This is great @maaslalaniii ! +1 to job board, neat idea. Would be really useful to see some basic info on (a) whether they're going carbon neutral or just offsetting slightly (huge difference!) and (b) what deadline they've set themselves, or whether they've already achieved it. I know that info is in the company pages linked to but it's often difficult to find the exact details amongst all the feel-good PR-y announcement-speak. Plus, it would be very useful to be able to see side-by-side which companies are doing best vs others (maybe even filtering/sorting by this too?!).
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@jeremynevans Awesome feedback, the filtering/sorting system would be great! One idea we were toying with was to make something resembling a leaderboard to show which companies are doing the most.
Nice project! Wish to have more details describing the efforts that they have
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@yellingbytes If you click on the companies, then you will see their public announcements that describe their initiatives. They're doing some pretty cool stuff! :)
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@maaslalaniii Well, not all of them at least Lego is exception. I suggest to extract the text from the company page to your site or a simple version. otherwise the environment page of big corporate lost many people's interest.
Just sent this project to a couple of my friends who run carbon neutral business's
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@jaketital Thank you! If they want to add their companies to the list let us know :)
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