OffScreen 2.0

Less screen time, more focus.

OffScreen 2.0 has a major update to help people focus on what matters when you working/studying from home. Less screen time can reduce your anxiety obviously. Pomodoro timer, Focus data analysis, Screen time calendar... and many more can improve your workflow
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2 Reviews5.0/5
The best habit built app that help reducing screen time everyday.
@designedbyclu Thx Clu! We will add more features to help our user reducing the screen time.
Android app coming anytime soon?
@travis_macmaster_ Yes, the next milestone will be the android version
Excellent App, has been using it for a few months so far
In daily life, while bringing the convenience of technology, smartphones also virtually control our lives. People stare at their phones all the time, indulge in the virtual world, and even forget their real lives. OffScreen is an application designed to help you leave your mobile phone and return to life. It can help you to efficiently work for an hour, concentrate on enjoying a dinner with your family, and regain the initiative of life from your mobile phone. Hope OffScreen can help you.
Fabulous concept, excellent execution, highly recommend!