Simple offline audio player

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Justin Velgos
Justin VelgosMaker@jvelgos · Product Designer
Thanks for adding us to Product Hunt! I’m Justin Velgos and Offlime is an app I designed to make it safer to listen to audio while on the move. The interface is designed to be used while in motion and when your attention needs to be elsewhere. As such, the controls are large and simple (just tap to play), text is used sparingly and scrolling is paged (so buttons are always where you expect). Keeping your eyes on the road is critical, so your options are kept simple. Only albums, playlists, podcasts and audiobooks are shown (no individual songs) and fiddly controls like skipping and scrubbing are omitted (although still accessible from Control Center, of course). Additionally, Offlime only shows audio that you’ve made available offline so you never have to worry about buffering, losing your connection or burning through your data plan. This was a side project in collaboration with a developer friend of mine, Mark Woollard. Let us know what you think!
I would love to try this app. I do wonder if it also supports music which is on Dropbox or Google Drive to either download while online or if it can see the music which is set as offline in the Dropbox app itself.
Shaun Tollerton
Shaun Tollerton@tollerton · Senior Product Designer at Deliveroo
I don't use Apple Music and don't connect my iPhone to iTunes because I just hate that experience. Is it possible to transfer MP3s from my MacBook to Offlime over WiFi to consume later whilst offline?