Officelovin 2.0

Inside the best tech and startup offices

Officelovin’ is a website that features the best offices from around the world.

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Thank you for the hunt Jonno, Hi :), this is Michal Ptacek, founder of Officelovin’ - a website that features the best tech & startup offices from around the world. We have just launched Officelovin 2.0 that includes a completely new redesign and some new features such as interviews with architects, as this time we wanted to focus on content much more. Our main goal is still the same though: to showcase the best-looking offices, by cooperating directly with the best architecture & interior design firms from around the globe. So far we have featured over 1,200 offices of companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Etsy, Uber, HBO, WeWork, Spotify, and many others. By the way :), there is also ProductHunt’s San Francisco office which we featured a while ago My opinion is that these days tech companies in general focus more and more on their office environment and we could probably say that offices have become the modern hiring tools. So also because of this, we will very soon introduce 3 new and hopefully useful features: Officelovin Jobs, designer pages and furniture tagging -> all connected together. I would be very happy for any kind of feedback or suggestions. Besides losing most of the FB likes when moving from http to https, we haven’t experienced any serious problems, but definitely let me know if you find any bugs :) Thank you! Michal
@michael_ptacek "showcase the best-looking offices, by cooperating directly with the best architecture & interior design firms from around the globe" OMG I was looking for something like this. Love it!
@michael_ptacek just wondering, is there a way to propose an office?
@ianissoawesome absolutely. The best way to start would be sending me an email with high-res photos and some basic project informations.
@michael_ptacek Looks awesome.... may have just one-up'd a favorite of mine: TechCrunch Cribs.
Nice inspiration and motivation 💪😉
Winner Winner 🐥 Dinner Very Addictive! I could spend hours looking at offices DOPE!!🚬🚬🚬
@dredurr I agree :). There is just something very addicting about "office browsing"
Congratz on the launch! What's new (in terms of product) besides the visual tweaks?
@robinraszka Thanks Robin :). I would say almost everything. Before Officelovin was more like a side-hobby blog project, while now (with the new website and functions) we are slowly trying to turn it into a design discovery platform with a bigger focus on architecture and content itself, which means -> interviews, professional project/design narratives, better search, designers pages, and upcoming furniture tagging and jobs section.
Good to see it's not all about just startups/tech companies
@sarim_haq You are right! :) Originally, we started mainly with the tech industry, but lately we have been focusing on other fields and markets as well.