Officelovin 2.0

Inside the best tech and startup offices

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Michal Ptacek
@michael_ptacek · founder of Officelovin
Thank you for the hunt Jonno, Hi :), this is Michal Ptacek, founder of Officelovin’ - a website that features the best tech & startup offices from around the world. We have just launched Officelovin 2.0 that includes a completely new redesign and some new features such as interviews with architects, as this time we wanted to focus on content much more. … See more
@pavel00 · Let's build something great together 💪 🚀
Nice inspiration and motivation 💪😉
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
Winner Winner 🐥 Dinner Very Addictive! I could spend hours looking at offices DOPE!!🚬🚬🚬
Robin Raszka
@robinraszka · Founder @beamtalk
Congratz on the launch! What's new (in terms of product) besides the visual tweaks?
Sarim Haq
@sarim_haq · AI Whisperer @ caspy.com
Good to see it's not all about just startups/tech companies