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Eric Karjaluoto — Co-founder, Officehours

A bunch of folks asked us how they can find out about new Officehours advisors. So, we’re doing something like a ProductHunt for advisors.

For now, it’s starting as a weekly email list with three notable/new advisors. From there, you can click to view their full profiles and ask for their advice.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts/feedback. :-)

Jesse Williams — VP of Marketing, Adjoy.
@karj this looks rad. Have you thought of using it as a way to set up exploratory meetings for consultations or freelancers?
Eric Karjaluoto — Co-founder, Officehours
@j_r_wi11iams It could certainly be used for that. We also see a good option from an HR perspective, as a way to quickly get a sense for what someone’s about, and if there’s a fit.
David Carpe — Thinker & Layabout
looks great - how do you accommodate new faculty/advisors for categories that do not yet exist?
Eric Karjaluoto — Co-founder, Officehours
@passingnotes Every member can choose up to 10 areas of expertise—by editing their profiles. They can select from existing ones, or add new ones.

I scan the new expertise suggestions daily, to approve/reject them. Most are approved and become categories. Some are redundant, so I merge those. We also see some silly ones added (e.g., “Nothing,” “Stuff,” and “Everything”). I turf those.
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