Office Unbound

Fresh interviews with digital nomads + remote workers

Office Unbound is a quick way to learn about the lives of remote developers, illustrators, photographers, CEO's and everyone else in between.

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Hey all! 👋 Remote work has always been kind of a life goal for me, so I used a side project as an excuse to talk to a bunch of amazing people living the dream. There are some cool interviews in there, from the CEO of Zapier to a writer living at a ski resort. If you're interested in being interviewed, hit me up! This a totally static site built on Bootstrap 4 + hosted on Github Pages.
great stories! I noticed the questions are very similar for each interview - would be cool to be able to browse by the question and get a list of answers..then maybe a convo bot
@graeme_fulton great idea! Thanks Graeme.
What about publishing also their income? That could be a good point to show to your visitors, but I guess that would be difficult. Anyway, beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing!
Congrats! Love the idea!