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Office Snapshots is a leading online resource for the global office design community. Founded in 2007, we curate and publish new projects, highlight innovative products, and examine industry trends with the goal of improving the workplace, one office at a time. The founder, Stephen Searer, originally started Office Snapshots to take people behind the scenes of some of the world’s most interesting companies. Thousands of offices and tens of thousands of photos later, the site has grown into an inspiration and invaluable resource for millions of people around the globe. Office Snapshots is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.
Thanks for sharing Office Snapshots Gabriel! I started OS back in 2007 as a side project while I was a history teacher and have been running it full-time for the last ~4 years. The main functionality is basically to look at offices - either by the projects themselves or by the photos. Browse offices: Browse photos: People are often interested to know that all advertising is sold in-house as well as self-hosted so readers get ads which are laser-targeted to the content (like a magazine) and don't have to deal with creepy ad networks. Happy to hear your impressions - thank you!
Site has been around for years. I work in the commercial furniture vertical and we use the site to show ideas to our end user clients. Much better than KONTOR by far as these are actual full settings
@workstationw thanks for the comment Bill. I've always thought that focusing on the office design as a whole - with a nice description - was the best way to help people understand the context of what they were looking at.
Awesome idea -- would be nice to filter by country/city
@kevinyun you should be able to do that at the /offices/ page using the options on the left
@stephensearer Gotcha -- I was on the Photos section. Thanks
While (most of) these are far nicer than my home office, I'm still all about that remote work life :) - have you considered adding a "Coworking Space" section for remote nerds like me? Great resource, btw!
@seymourgroup there should be a coworking option under the industry facet on /offices/ - I could definitely try to add more in the future too. Good suggestion, thanks!
@stephensearer cool! I think you have a brilliant framework for visually comparing office concepts... having a separate section or maybe even a microsite to highlight best practices and visually stunning coworking places would probably resonate with a certain segment that cares a lot about this stuff. Also, there's a bit of scrambling about among popular coworking/shared office spaces to try and differentiate themselves... I'm sure they'd love the opp to do so. Thanks again for a sweet site!