Office Roulette

Who has to get coffee for the office?

The Office Roulette allows you to make coffee requests on your office network using a desktop app or Chrome extension. After that a wheel of fortune will decide randomly who has to get the drinks!
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4 Reviews3.8/5
Sebastiaan Pasma
App Developer
Hello Product Hunt! My first launch here on Product Hunt. Last months I've worked on the international version of my app Office Roulette, the app was initially in Dutch only. Yesterday I've launched the international website and desktop apps which I was keeping track of on Product Hunt Makers. After this launch I'll keep using Makers as a public to do list. Office Roulette is a desktop app and/or chrome extension to decide who has to get drinks at the office. After installation you'll be added automatically to a group based on your ip-address. After sending out a coffee request on your network, everybody can decide (for 60 seconds) to participate from within the app or in the native desktop notifications. So no big distractions from work. And if you do want some distraction, watch the wheel physics decide in realtime in the app. After 'fate' has decided, everybody will get a notification who lost and has to get the drinks. I'm pretty sure that there are some lingual errors in the app (and maybe even some lost dutch translations). If you discover any of those, please don't hesitate to let me know. Also, I'm always open for any feedback!
We've been using the Dutch version of the app quite extensively on the office and it's a great way to get some more interaction in different teams. Also: the gaming element really works and Sebastiaan put a great efford in all kind of statitics you can see. Awesome job that this is now on PH ๐Ÿ‘Š
Love this app! It just adds so much fun to a chore that can be "kind of a drag". Especially when someone is "randomly" selected a few times in a row, haha. It works great in open office spaces. Oh and the app can be used for much more than just getting coffee!
Awesome app! Literally the best invention since sliced bread. Just getting to see the look on the face of your co-worker, after losing for the 3rd time that day, is worth gold. Pros: - Having a little break from your work - If someone else gets your coffee, you have more time to get work done - Getting to know your colleagues better - Weekly statistics, perfect for office quizzes - Coffee Cons: - Too addictive. After I started to use Office Roulette, I trippeld my caffeine-intake which lead to insomnia. I couldn't concentrate on my work, so I lost my job. Eventually, my wife left me, and I had to sell the house. At least I got to keep the dog. Would I do it again? Yes. 10/10 would recommend.
Using the dutch version of the app. A lot of functions and statistics. Te roulette brings people together. It should actually be compulsory at every office.