Office Hours Cards

Flashcards to prepare you for your Y Combinator interview

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Office Hours Cards is a card deck to help you to prepare for an accelerator pitch, startup presentation or even a demo at a Startup Weekend or Hackathon!


  • Tatyana RomanovaCopywriter, Singree

    Great idea



    I think it'll help people tot ake out more out of any type office work theree is.

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  • Irana SverbitskayaMake up artist, Shleyf Salon

    I think it is what it says it is - office productivity tool.



    Great way to push productivity.

    Irana Sverbitskaya has used this product for one day.


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Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
Hey PH, Helen here! Office Hours Cards is a card deck to help you to prepare for an accelerator pitch, startup presentation or even a demo at a Startup Weekend or Hackathon! It's a fun product that I created based on my experience in an accelerator scheme a few years ago. Having watched and presented lots of pitches there seems to be a core set of startup questions that regularly get asked. The deck is designed to stop you rambling and remind you to be concise with your answers. There are a few lines on the cards for you to write key words and prompts to help you remember your answers. The idea is that you pick a card at random and answer the question out loud to practice vocalising really concise answers in just 10-15 seconds. It offers quick fire questions that you can keep in your pocket for a bit of last minute prep. It's also fun to do this as a team challenge, spread the cards out, fill them in and make sure you have covered all the bases. There are some real tricky ones in there! ;) There are 180 questions in the deck collected from lots of accelerator schemes, common pitch deck templates, the lean canvas model and all other good sources! You can buy the physical deck but there is also a digital download too which is great if you have lots of notes to scribble all over them! I'm hoping to release more card decks, perhaps for specific accelerator schemes or even with custom branding! I really enjoy producing physical products. I'd love to know what other card decks you'd like to see!
Kevin Ferret@kevin_ferret · Product Manager, AgilOne
@helenryles Nice stuff, it's simple and I always loved flash cards (for pretty much any topic tbh) ! One other deck you could do is for the ritualistic interview questions for designers, PMs, engineers, any role really (a bit like that website is doing for PM, but you turn that into flashcards : It would be pretty close to that YC deck you did, but less focused on selling an idea, and more on selling yourself :)
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@kevin_ferret Thanks Kevin! I could definitely do a deck around project management and starting a project with the right requirements. I will certainly look into questions for designer & engineer roles - I would need to learn from the experts with those! Thanks for the inspiration!
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
I can't seem to buy from Canada, it's not in the list of countries on checkout. What do?
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@tombielecki Hey Tom, I'll take a look now! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@tombielecki Orders to Canada should now go through :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Timely, @helenryles! YC's deadline for the next batch is tomorrow. Have you considered offering a cheaper, print-at-home or digital version of the deck? EDIT: I see you have a downloadable version available. NEVERMIND! 😊
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, yes, it got a bit lost in the description! There is a print-at-home version for people to share amongst their team and make lots of notes on! 😄
Val Sopi@valsopi · Maker at Handmade Spaceships, Inc.
These are great! I can even see these cards (or several decks) being used simultaneously by each co-founder. They can each answer them and then check where their ideas align & where they need to work more — so they all face in the same direction! A "re-alignment" game of sorts between co-founders.
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@valoni Hey Val, for sure! A lot of teams usually leave the talking in pitches to one co-founder. It's good to all get a chance to practise speaking!
Honey Raj Varma@raj_ventures · Raj Ventures, R&Ds
@helenryles Did you consider a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign for this? Looks great, I can help ideate if you need any assistance