Need help negotiating a new job offer? Know your worth.

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Josh Goldstein
Josh GoldsteinHunterHiring@josh_goldstein · Co-Founder at
We see a lot of companies across the hiring stack. @mallyvai just launched with an interesting take on the last mile of hiring, the negotiation. We're fans; I'm sure he'd appreciate some feedback from the community. :)
Vaibhav Mallya
Vaibhav MallyaMaker@mallyvai · Founder,
@Josh_Goldstein Thanks Josh! It's been extremely fulfilling building, and I'm happy to finally expose it to a broader audience. Definitely looking forward to any/all feedback, and we're always here to help as well.
Nick O'Neill
Nick O'Neill@allnick · Maker & Marketer
So: outsource your negotiations? Like the concept.
Vaibhav Mallya
Vaibhav MallyaMaker@mallyvai · Founder,
@allnick Not quite outsource - Advisors don't get inject themselves into the middle of the negotiations. Instead, they give you guidance (support, tactics, information) that help you push back against the usual batch of high-pressure sales tactics, and get you onboard with an offer or situation that you are happy with, or at least understand the full set of tradeoffs around. Folks who end up going through end up *meaningfully* happier with wherever they go, simply because they have a better understanding of the landscape. Eliminating information asymmetry is part of it, the emotional support is another part it.
Kevin Ko
Kevin Ko@kokev · Software Engineer, SF
@mallyvai I like the bit about eliminating information asymmetry :) Nice that one can use this without any risk or upfront payment as well. I'm guessing this works for people working for companies looking to negotiate raises as well?
Vaibhav Mallya
Vaibhav MallyaMaker@mallyvai · Founder,
@kokev We focus on offer negotiation before joining, but we do work with folks wanting raises, on a case-by-case basis, if we think we can be helpful. If there's enough demand we're happy to open up that segment and invest a lot of time in getting even better at it.
Jed Christiansen
Jed Christiansen@jedc · Founder, Seed-DB
Fascinating take on a critical part of the hiring process. I was skeptical when I first landed on the page about how something like this could scale, but I think it's something I might definitely consider using in the future. Love that a fellow Michigan Engineer built it. :)
Vaibhav Mallya
Vaibhav MallyaMaker@mallyvai · Founder,
@jedc A big part of my personal motivation here was wanting to build something that a younger Vaibhav would have benefited from :-) Let me know if you have any suggestions for us: (and Go Blue)!