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This might be first Live Chat website, which is not using their own product on their own website. Wasting a chance to show quick demo to users?
@ajaypalnitj Agree, Zopim does this quite well. Great relevant way to showcase your product. Similar to the stuff Intercom does after signing up. 'Yo dawg, let me showcase our product by using our product so you can use our product to showcase your product' ;-)
Looks interesting but I agree that the lack of business model scares me, also the blog was last updated March 2014... total silence for 9 month is not a good sign for an actively developed product
@MassimoCw sometimes it just means they are heads down focusing on product. =P
@MassimoCw sometimes it just means they are heads down focusing on product. =P
@taylorhou totally agree but 9 months seem a lot, with a live product dev & marketing should move together or at least you should have some new features to announce :)
Can't sign up :(
website doesn't work at all now
Does anyone use offerchat? Seems to good to be true !
@kwdinc I was hoping to learn why it's totally free when it offers more than their competition. How are they sustaining this product?
@stinhambo @kwdinc I'm wondering how they're doing this as well... On their blog they're talking about a Pro plan but that plan seems to have dissapeared now. Trying to sign up, but seems like their servers can't handle the Product Hunt traffic. (Which is quite a bad sign).
@kwdinc I'm always sceptical when it comes to free services. Even if they put a price on unlimited agent, visitor notes and multiple websites, I would still use the service. I'm reluctant to signup and use the service in fear it will become paid and I have the hassle of changing integration within my companies organisation and any desktop applications/training to use it. Hopefully there is a strong business model behind it which will ensure the service is sufficient and accountable.