Off The Grid

Join 30 inspiring people for 10 days of phone-free travel.

Off The Grid organizes groups of up to 30 people for 1-2 week trips around the world. The catch: it's completely phone-free. You show up, trade in your smartphone, and spend time with a group of inspiring people who share a passion for self-improvement. You get a real experience without the pressure of being plugged into the internet.

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Hi there, Product Hunt community! I worked in tech my entire professional life. And I loved it. It's fast-paced, it taught me how to grind, and it introduced me to so many smart people. But eventually I became exhausted. I was the guy that slept with my phone under my pillow and was "on" 24/7. I’d wake up checking email and fall asleep scrolling through Insta. It wasn't healthy and it made me feel like crap. We built Off The Grid as a way to give people a break from their screens. It’s completely phone-free. You show up, trade your smartphone for a dumbphone (remember Nokia brick phones?), and spend a full week disconnected from the internet. And you get to do it with 30 other inspiring people. It's a great way to give your brain a break and practice being present. We have two 10-day trips open this summer for Lisbon and Prague. Yoga, brewery tours, surfing, journaling, legos, etc. Lots of downtime, lots of meeting cool people, zero internet. We'd love to have PH's on the trip :) I'd love your feedback as we build out these experiences. Let me know what would make this amazing. Thanks in advance!
@zachary_beattie what goes into the selection process when determining which applicants get to go?
Hey @steveshugg - great question. The goal is to put together a well-rounded, diverse set of people you'll want to unplug with. AKA open-minded individuals with unique experiences who share a passion for self-improvement. Travel experience is great too. So far the biggest applicant pools have been: entrepreneurs, professionals, writers, students, and creators.
@zachary_beattie awesome! seems like it'd be a lot of fun!
@zachary_beattie Need to highlight this: Mention Product Hunt in your application and we'll take $150 off any upcoming trip. We'd love to have you join us in Lisbon or Prague this summer!
@keyul Yes, thank you. We also do discounts for couples and small groups if you'd rather take on the challenge of unplugging with a friend. There's a section in the application to note if you're bringing someone (always more fun when traveling).
I've known Zach Beattie since university, and I can say without a doubt he is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know. I could not be more excited for this project, and can really see it making a big splash in the entrepreneur space.
2 years ago, I met Zach when he was one of the speaker at Startup summit in ASU. Today I am happy to see him launching his new startup to help people to become more socialize in real world than virtual world. This is a great opportunity to explore a new way to travel without smartphone. Good luck @zachary_beattie for new adventure.
Thanks @keyul. When I logged into PH this morning I had to laugh a bit because the question at the top of my home page was "What is the first app you look at as soon as you are awake?" :)
Oh wow! This is awesome, nice to see Croatia as the next spot on the list. Love the idea, might even sign up one day :)